it infuriates me when people tell me “lifes too short to not forgive people!” like NO lifes too short for me to continually allow abusive and manipulative behavior in my life and live in a constant state of anxiety bc I want to be “nice” or whatever

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Street harassment w Xena


I’ve been single for a while now, and I have to say it’s going really well. Like, it’s working out. I think I’m the one.

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Distressing Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People

And here we have it folks, live and in color. Anyone who still doesn’t believe the boys in blue aren’t corrupt need to take a look at this.

praying for the homie in this clip because they would just have to shoot me, I couldn’t have taken this.




We were recently alerted the site, osomwear, was selling one of Coey’s Sherlock pieces ( 1 & 2 ) as a shirt, which we did not give permission for them to reproduce or sell.
We have contacted the site via email with a cease and desist, and will be checking back with it later.

However, the site seems to sell a lot of (what looks to be) fanwork, and given the use of Coey’s work without permissions, I’m suspecting there’s more art theft at work here.

Please take a look through the site’s inventory and contact the artist(s) of any piece(s) you may recognise. DO NOT contact osomwear; contact the artist and allow them to handle any possible theft. 

some dumb butt stole my work and maybe others? Check it out or signal boost to show other parties! THANKS EVERYONE!

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James Lopez is a veteran Disney animator (The Lion King, Pocahontas, Paperman) who is trying to raise funding for his primarily hand-drawn short film, Hullabaloo, with hopes of eventually finding a studio to fund a full-length version.

From the film’s IndieGo page:

Hullabaloo is the story of Veronica Daring, a brilliant young scientist who returns home from an elite finishing school to find her father—the eccentric inventor Jonathan Daring—missing without a trace! The only clue left behind points Veronica toward Daring Adventures, an abandoned amusement park used by her father to test his fantastical steam-powered inventions. There she discovers a strange girl named Jules, a fellow inventor who agrees to help Veronica in locating her missing father and discovering the secrets of his work.

In addition to helping save 2D animation, Hullabaloo aims to encourage girls to explore science and adventure. The film’s two protagonists are both young women and both scientists who use their intellect, wits, and courage to fight greed and corruption. We hope that Veronica Daring and her friend Jules will serve as positive role models for girls of all ages and encourage them to get excited about science, engineering, and sci-fi.

To see some footage and a short video pitch from Lopez, click here.

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Made me cringe

Nice Guy Gamer

Friendly reminder to avoid any dude who proudly describes themselves as a “gamer.”

I am so sorry women have to go through this shit.

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